VENUE PHONE: 406-681-3144


More Info & FAQs:

Food, beverage (beer & wine), vendors, merch, and games will be on-site!  While we ask you don't bring outside drinks or food through the gates, we don't care what you do at your campsite. 

Obviously, we don't actually want to light the prairie on fire, so campfires are prohibited. We will have an after-hours common area with a bonfire for some acoustic jammin' and late-night fun havin'! 

THERE IS NO ATM ONSITE! We accept both cash and cards, but if you want to throw physical bills at us for donations, tips, and otherwise, you may want to pick that up beforehand! We also might have spotty service depending on your carrier.

We have a lot of room for camping and encourage you to go all out. The horse prairie campgrounds will be open Friday morning if you want to grab your prime location. A free shuttle will be running from reservoir camping (Please reference map on CAMPING PAGE)

We do have a VERY limited number of rooms and RV Hookups available, as in half a dozen. Please contact the venue about availability.

Vehicles can come and go as they please, however, NO DRINKING AND DRIVING, we have free camping for a reason and would rather you stay for the party anyways. 

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds, though we will work with all of you wonderful people on a case-by-case basis if necessary.

Whether you bring a tent, horse, or caravan, all are welcome!